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We couldn't be more excited to team up with an old friend, Steve "Brownie"Brown (Read about him on Espn.com), at Fly Fish Guanaja to offer a once in a lifetime fly fishing and cultural experience in Guanaja, Honduras.

This is more than a fishing trip to some of the little fished waters off mainland Honduras, it is an opportunity to experience and take part in the local culture that is sure to change lives on both ends.  


To experience, learn, and help sustainably develop a remote Caribbean island through immersion.


Guanaja is one of the Bay Islands of Honduras and hosts some of the best diving, snorkeling, and fishing in the world. About 15,000 people live on and around an island 7 by 12 miles long. Although Guanaja is rich in resources that could elevate their lives to a basic standard of living, it is an island struggling to survive. There is little opportunity for people to work. Despite difficult living situations, Guanaja is a safe place to visit because of the caliber of people that exist there. They welcome foreigners as they represent hope for a better future.

Fly Fish Guanaja ( http://www.flyfishguanaja.com/ ) is a company that offers all inclusive fly-fishing trips on some of the most pristine and untouched flats in the Caribbean, focusing on bone-fish, tarpon, and permit. Fly Fish Guanaja is a catch and release operation that takes nothing from the resource. They buy fish from local sustenance fisherman to supply the lodge with gourmet food. The lodge is a private cay just off the coast of a Guanaja. Fly Fish Guanaja provides 10 high paying jobs that end up providing for over a 100 people on the island.



Fly Fishing and scuba diving are the two most sustainable industries in the Caribbean as they have little impact on the environment while creating lots of jobs and.

The future of the island relies on getting students, teachers, tourists, and volunteers to help Guanaja while enjoying it at the same time.


  • Week long immersion trips for high school and college students.
  • Students develop or hone fly fishing skills in some of the most beautiful waters in the Carribean.
  • Students visit local schools and interact with school children and teachers
  • Students study mangrove forests and help plant mangroves for our non-profit mangrove restoration project: The mangroves of Guanaja Island were largely destroyed by Hurricane Mitch in 1998 and have not recovered. The mangrove forests of Guanaja are critical to the region’s environmental health. They are the foundation of a food chain and habitat that support great numbers of fishes and wildlife species. They also protect the coral reef from siltation, and they are excellent at carbon sequestration.  Our goal now is to hand plant 100 hectares (247 acres) with approximately 400,000 mangrove propagules.  http://www.guanajamangroves.org/


  • Students develop appreciation for the environment through experiencing the fishery and exploring the ocean. They will even spend an afternoon with local fishermen, hunting and gathering from the ocean as the people of the islands have done as long as they have been there.

Cost: One week: $2950 plus air travel.  

2018 Dates: TBD

*Contact us for registration information.

Note: Cost of air travel varies depending on starting location and time of year.

This trip is available throughout the year as a teacher led program for teachers with groups of 6-12 students.

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